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Operating in Quebec and Ontario, Everest Financial Services is committed to providing excellent service and building optimal strategies for individuals, business owners and their companies.


Wealth Accumulation

Individuals - Wealth Accumulation

Retirement Planning

Emergency Fund Planning

Tax Efficient Strategies

Segregated Funds (Exempt from Seizure)

Debt Management

Estate Planning for Wealth Transfer & Succession Planning


Financial Security Planning

Financial Security Planning

Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Insurance

Individual Health & Dental Benefit Plans

Multi Generational Planning Strategies

Charitable Giving


Business Owners


Shareholder Compensation Advice (Buy Sell Funding)

Key Person Insurance

Group Insurance

Pension Plans

Tax Minimization Strategies

Corporate Asset Transfer Strategy

Split Dollar Critical Illness

Charitable Giving

Strategic Partners

With a focus on providing the best service to existing and potential clients, Everest Financial Services is aligned with Spencer-Mancini Wealth Management Group and Chris Edgell Financial Services.

Spencer-Mancini Wealth ManagementCEFS

Affiliated Companies

Working with all the major insurance and mutual fund companies, we offer a tailored solution for your needs.
We offer a holistic approach to building a financial plan that takes into consideration your liquidity, retirement, living benefits and financial security at death.